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When the Lights Went Out

In Fall 2016, at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, an accident resulted in my having a major concussion. How did it happen? I had leapt out of bed to the sound of my 6am morning alarm, got a head rush from getting up too fast, and fell sideways. My head landed with full body weight on the metal corner of the window air conditioner sitting on the floor, with the point lodged just above my left ear. Lights out. In an instant, a fluke accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury, and the lights stayed out for the next months. From that moment, I have no recollection of the following two months, and was on medical leave from school for the entire academic year. From the point where I have memories after I "woke up," I was without equilibrioception and proprioception, and confined to bed. I had near constant fire-like pain in my head. Due to how the brain interacts with light stimulation from the optic nerve, I was kept in a completely dark room for a month. The lights were still out, blocked by room darkening curtains. Eventually, natural light was permitted and gradually increased. After another month, the moratorium on “blue” light from electronics was finally lifted. Reunited with my phone and laptop, I felt joy and relief to express myself through typing and interacting with the world. My visual cortex was reawakened, and I experienced increased endorphins. Because I couldn't yet be mobile, I read books, books, and more books. This was the turning point: I could do something to help my healing process. I could use tech, reading and writing to heal and rehabilitate my brain. And when I had finally regained balance and spatial mobility, I took long, wonderful walks in the forest. I am learning as much as I can about TBI and brain healing. Challenges and setbacks make me all the more self-aware, stronger, and motivated to overcome any handicap or perceived failure.

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